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Modern quality standards

The parameters of rentable rooms

? the height of the floor: 3,3 m
? column in the office area: 8,2?4,9 m
? stained-glass windows - at full height windows


The building has 8 high-speed elevators ? OTIS

Ventilation system

The building is equipped with the systems of mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation. The air supply units for the office part of the building have two filtres (prefilter and fine filter) as well as the sections for air heating and cooling. All the technical rooms have sound isolation.

Air-conditioning system

The conditioning of the building is provided by the central system.

Electricity-supply system

The electricity supply is provided by a transformer sub-station unique for the whole multi-functional complex. There is also an uninterruptible power supply source for the elevators in case of fire.

Building automation system

In order to exercise the dispatching control of the engineer facilities of the building the dispatch station is provided. It contains a computer block with special software and a monitor for presenting the parameters of functioning.

Heating system

The building has an individual heating plant. The source of heating functions according to a closed scheme providing a constant temperature control within 150-70?? temperature schedule with design temperature of outdoor air -28??.

Water supply and drainage system

The water supply is provided through the city network. An automatic station maintains pressure and regulates the flow. There are also pressure regulators for the water risers.

Fire extinction system

The technological project provides the automatic system of fire extinction using sprinklers interconnections on each floor. Moreover the building is equipped with analogue-addressable fire alarm system which is a ?brain? to the fire extinction system of the whole complex. In case of fire alarm the elevators are automatically blocked at the floor level, all the doors on the evacuation route are unblocked and smoke exhaust and fire alarm systems are switched on.


Fiber-optic communication system of WestCall, Golden Telecom, Comstar, Orange companies and MGTS communication cables. Moreover there is also a possibility to join the community antenna system of air and satellite television.

Security system

The security system includes video surveillance that provides control over the outer perimeter of the building, the entrances, the elevators halls, the accesses to the underground parking, the parking passways, the reception zone, the ground floor hall and the ways to the stairs. The surveillance system provides the system of recording and storage of the information during 30 days. Moreover, the building is equipped with security alarm system and non-contact programmable access control system.

The engineering system of the business centre satisfies the requirements imposed to business centres of "B+" class.